My Night Out

Well The Big Fish and I went out to dinner last night and I had a wonderful time. I always have a great time when we go out. We just laugh and laugh. I’ve never had so much fun with any other guy. After dinner we went to a party at Journey’s Greenwich. We stayed maybe 2.5 hours just listening to music and chatting. It was nice. And I actually danced in public with The Big Fish. I got him on the dance floor. Unbelievable. He finally submitted to my charms. We had a great time.

And then I woke up ill this morning. Unbelievable! I feel so nauseous. I just want to throw up. I guess I shouldn’t have eaten the Jalapeno Poppers (cream cheese) and drunk 3 Margaritas. And then eaten the Prawn Fajitas and Chile Con Carne Cheeseburger. Of course I didn’t eat it all. The Big Fish and I shared everything but hes feeling great this morning.

Anyway, The Big Fish was so nicely dressed my mouth almost dropped to the floor. He looked SOO HOT I just wanted to take him right then and there. LOL! Just joking. He did look good though. Of course, I looked out too. I wore my new Black Dress with my new Stilettos. Boy do I have to learn to walk in those shoes.


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