Flat/House Hunting

Well I’ve started to look for a flat share. I was hoping I would be in field first so I could get my own place but that may have to wait. We will see what the Lord does. Anyway, I’m looking at East London. I really don’t know what the area looks like. It is supposed to be more posh. I’m looking for cheap, safe and clean. Hopefully I don’t have to share with a lot of people. I would love to share with just one person. It’s so much easier.

I’m suppose to see 3 places today. I didn’t really ask any questions yesterday but I will today before I track out to E. London. I really need to know how many people I would be sharing with and would they consider a short-term stay. I really want my own place and I know I will get it SOON. I truly believe that. Anyway I have the next 2 weeks to find something. One of the places I was interested in was snapped yesterday morning. The guy had just put up the advert the evening before. It went that quick. I have to move fast just like the early bird.


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