Tiramisu and Italy

Well, I’m back in London from my beautiful holiday in Italy and I must say I didn’t want to leave. There is so much to be said about Italy. It is truly a Wonderful place to see. The food is Freaking Amazing. The Cappuccino (Yes, I said Cappuccino) is great. The towns are Picturesque. And the MEN are “Molto Bello” (Very Beautiful). I’ll get to them later.

The one thing that I have been craving for long time is Tiramisu. Yes, you can get something called Tiramisu in England but it’s not Tiramisu to me. Truly I don’t know what the hell that is that England sells. Tiramisu should have layers of ladyfingers and cream with some Amaretto Liqueur or other liquor sprinkled with chocolate or cocoa powder. It shouldn’t be just a whole mess of mascarpone cream. It should be like this.

Tiramisu in Italy

I waited so long for this and it was truly worth it. Every bite was delicious. It was so light and luscious. You could taste the Amaretto but it wasn’t overpowering. I know words don’t give much of a description so here is a picture.

Savoring my Tiramisu

Here are just some more pictures of me and my Tiramisu. It was love at every bite.

My Tiramisu from the front

Can't take my eyes off the plate

My Tiramisu from the left side


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