L’Italia è nel mio cuore.

Italy is in my heart. So, I made my 3rd trip to Italy. I spent 9 days traveling Europe by train and it was great; even with all my ups and downs. I traveled to Paris, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Verona, Venice and Bologna. I had such a great time. I need to be in Italy. I was surrounded by all those Italian words. I couldn’t help but learn them.  Italian is such a beautiful language. I am hoping by the end of Summer I will be speaking it fluently. I hope so. I hope also to be moving to Italy soon but that’s another topic.

I went into the Cathedral in Milan and it was more then I imagined. I also went up to the top. It was great. I also saw the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of Triompe and Notre Dame in Paris. In Rome, I saw the Colosseum and so much more. I’ll just add the photos.


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