Firenze or Florence for the English speakers

So, I’m sitting in my room at my B&B thinking about everything really. Today isn’t over but it has been good so far even with all the rain. Yes, my holiday has been filled with rain, snow and cold but I’ve survived. I’ve walked through the rain and the snow. Today I walked across ‘Ponte Vecchio’ (Old Bridge). This bridge is the only one in Firenze that survived during WW2 or WW1. It’s beautiful and massive and from far away it’s so picturesque. From I walked to ‘Piazza del Duomo.’ I saw a 360 view of it yesterday and I was quite impressed. Today I went inside the cathedral. To me the outside was more impressive than the inside. I have pictures of both views.

I tried to go to the ‘Mercato di Casine’  but I couldn’t locate it.Maybe next time I’m in Florence. I believe I’ll be back soon. I didn’t see much in Florence but that’s ok. I met another couchsurfer (Italian from Firenze) and we had a nice lunch together. The conversation was really good.

Tomorrow I return to Milano but first I stop in Bologna to see someone. I don’t know why I’m doing this but it should be interesting. Giovanni is always entertaining. My last three days in Italy will be all about me soaking in a bathtub. That’s what I really want to do. I have to make sure tomorrow I buy some bubble bath. I don’t want to soak without bubbles. I really miss having a bathtub. Tomorrow I dive in.


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