Driving to the Red Sea

This past Thursday I spent the day at the Red Sea. Yes, The Red Sea! It was a trip for the native English speaking teachers and it was great. We really needed to get away from Al Baha. Of course we had to keep our Abayas on at the beach but hey, I had a good time anyway. The weather was great. The drive was great. The company was great. I actually fell asleep at the beach in my Abaya. Absolutely hilarious.

I have plenty of picture to showcase. On the drive to we saw baboons, camels, an ancient Saudi Arabian town and sand dunes. We drove up the mountain through the clouds. We were literally in the clouds. I had pictures but I just deleted them tonight. Oh well, you have to take my word for it.

KSA is not an easy country to live in but days like Thursday when you see unexpected things like those you’re thankful that you’re not anywhere else.












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