A day at the Red Sea


So last Thursday (the weekend) I spent the day at the Red Sea with my native English co-workers. AETG, my employer authorized a day trip for us. We really needed it and it was great. There were no bikinis or one pieces. We were completely covered the whole time. The women who went into the water were fully covered. I know. Unbelievable but that’s how they do it in Saudi. You’re not allowed to feel the sun on your body. For shame. Anyway, the day was still good. I actually fell asleep as soon as we got there. These are just a couple of the photos we took.






3 thoughts on “A day at the Red Sea

  1. Hi, hope your well, was just reading your blog and discovered that your working in al baha for aetg. Me and my wife have been offered a job in al baha through aetg and I just wanted feedback/advice regarding accomodation, living conditions etc

    I would be very grateful if you could provide some info.
    Thank you

    • Talha life is very different in Al Baha if you’re married. I know a couple who taught in Al Baha with AETG. They left in December – January. I will contact them and then to send you some info. They can give you much more info regarding accomodation and teaching at the men’s campus. I’ll send you an email of what I know.

      • Thankyou for your swift reply. How is it at the womens campus? How are aetg as employers? thankyou so much for your time

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