Couchsurfing (just for a drink) in Florence

So my second day in Florence was spent meeting a Florence born native for lunch. I met Roberto at Il Duomo on a rainy day. I decided I wanted to meet a local; so I put a drink request out on C.S. when I was in Saudi and two guys replied. How Cool! It would have been nice if I had been contacted by some females. I replied back to both but I only met Roberto. He is truly an interesting character. He took me to one of his usual lunch places, just a short walk from Il Duomo and we talked. We sat there for a couple of hours talking about KSA, Italy, relationships, football, teaching, etc. This was the first time I just put a request out on C.S. to meet for drinks and I truly enjoyed myself. Next time I’m back in Florence we’re gonna go to a football match which I think will be very interesting. I’ve gone to a live NFL Football game before and that was cool. I’m looking forward to my first live International match. I think it’ll be an experience. Roberto and I are now connected by FB and I get to see so many entertaining photos of him. He is truly unique.


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