Al Baha

IMG_20121120_160456I haven’t really wrote much about living in Al Baha. Why? I don’t know. Well maybe I do know. There is much to write about living in Al Baha. It’s a really conservative town. Nothing like the big city of Riyadh. Here in Al Baha, the men want you to cover your face. I’m not Muslim, so I don’t have to cover my face. There is no law that says non-Muslim women must cover. So I don’t but this town is so conservative they don’t care that there is no law. It’s a small town. They want what they want but I still don’t cover my face. I can’t breath with that covering on my face.

The mountains are beautiful here in Al Baha. I live in a compound that is right near the mountains. Actually I’m just across the streets. In November during my first week the girls and I walked across to the convenience store then to the edge of the mountains. The view was and still is beautiful.

That’s the one thing I take pleasure in. The various views from different mountain tops. I mean there isn’t much to do here. Which is good and bad. It’s good because there’s nothing to do here so I won’t spend any money. That’s why I’m here. It’s mostly all about the money. Giving up my freedom (somewhat) and rights has to pay off. It’s bad because there is nothing to do here. Boredom does rear it’s ugly head a lot. Right now, it’s 8:28pm and I’m in my pajamas. I’m usually in my pajamas by 7:30 or 8. You’re probably thinking it’s Wednesday and you have to work tomorrow. No, I don’t. The weekend in Saudi is Thursday and Friday. So, I’m off tomorrow but tonight I’m doing nothing again. This is my life in Al Baha. Now do you understand why I haven’t wrote much about Al Baha?


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