Interview for Italy

I just scored an interview for a school in Northern Italy. YAY!!! I’m so very happy. I’m trying to secure a job for October. Yes, I know it’s early but I don’t want to wait. I’m applying to other countries like France, Germany, UAE, Japan and Oman. I know you would think I’ve had enough of Middle Eastern countries. Well, UAE and Oman aren’t as restricted as KSA. I could definitely do UAE. The money is better there then in KSA. As an an ESL Instructor I’m so wanted. I can get a job anywhere which is so great. Anyway, Italy is where I want to be even with the economy being so bad there. I love Italy. Maybe after living there for a year I’ll want to leave. Maybe I won’t but I have to see for myself. I know most young Italians are leaving for employment elsewhere. A country can’t survive without the young. Their energy and ideas are needed. Italy really needs to get its act together and soon. I want things to be better when I move there in seven months.


2 thoughts on “Interview for Italy

    • I currently work for AETG. I worked in Riyadh for a month before I traveled to Al Baha. Riyadh is the capital (major city) so there is so much more to do there. There are malls just about everywhere. Some stores open from 9-12 and then from 4-12/12. Most stores are closed during the afternoon. Why? I’ve been told because its too hot to shop. I’ve heard that Saudis really love to shop.

      As a Western woman in Riyadh, you don’t have to cover your face and hair. Muslim women must. You could be approached by the Morale Police if your hair isn’t covered. I was and I’m not Muslim. You can also walk the streets which is something I can’t do in Al Baha. So just be careful if you’re a woman. You will be gawked (stared) at. Most people in Riyadh speak English which is good. Its easy to get taxi in Riyadh because there are so many available. There are more restaurants there that cater to family which benefits the woman. If you need some technology like a Smart Phone, I would say get it in Riyadh. Jabrir is a bookstore/computer/phone/art store. The prices for smartphones are great. You’ll save a lot in KSA. I will buying my Ultrabook here.

      The weather in Riyadh is HOT. Summer is Freaking Very Hot. July and August are the months when school is closed.

      Whether you’re a guy or gal, make friends because it can get lonely. On Fridays, there is a thing called a Hash – where people (male & female) go out to the desert for socializing/networking. You can meet a lot people. I heard a woman met her husband at a Hash. You have to meet people or even in Riyadh the loneliness will drive you crazy. There are malls everywhere but if shopping isn’t your thing then it just going to bore you. I got bored quickly going to the mall. I had to go because the grocery store (Hyper Panda) is there. Try also to check out one of the US Embassy parties. I hear their great and you can socialize with the opposite sex and maybe drink.
      If I can think of anything else, I’ll let you know. Just stay positive.

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