What is Wrong with the People of Italy?

Seriously!! Deadlock!! Unbelievable! Why do the people keep giving Berlusconi power? I don’t get it. I’ve heard people say he’s been bad for the economy. OK, then why is he still getting votes? It doesn’t make sense. What do the people really want?

I grew up listening to this television advert about a Timex Watch. The catchphrase was, “It takes a licking but it keeps on ticking.” That’s Berlusconi in a nutshell. Seriously, the man is like TEFLON. Nothing sticks. If you don’t know what Teflon is, keep reading.

Teflon is a nickname given to persons, particularly in politics, to whom criticism does not seem to stick. The term comes from Teflon, the brand name by DuPont of a “non-stick” chemical used on cookware.

It was coined by former US Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder while cooking eggs in a Teflon pan as she reflected on how scandals surrounding his Presidency seemed to have no effect on his individual popularity with the public.[2] Succeeding US politicians have also been given the nickname “Teflon,” notably Bill Clinton.    (from Wikipedia)

Copy and paste the link below if you want to know some other people who have been nicknamed Teflon.



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