Riding in Al Baha is like Walking through a Minefield

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with that title. I know many people have died because of minefields and I’m not making light of that. It’s just that its really scary riding to school. These people can’t drive. Before you react to the word ‘these’ let me explain myself. I don’t know if their Saudi, Indian, Asian or any other ethnicity. All I know is they’re men and from what I can see, the majority (my opinion) of them shouldn’t be operating any type of vehicle. Seriously! I get scared when I’m in a moving vehicle in Al Baha. Shot! I get scared just walking in town broad daylight. They don’t slow down. I honestly don’t think the men take driving lessons. They just get in a car and drive. No book – No test – Nothing! Drivers just cut in front of other drivers all the time. The road is just like one big lane. There is no division. This morning I saw two cars turn right at a corner, make a u-turn on the road that they just turned on and then make another right turn to get back on the road that they just turned off just so they wouldn’t have to stop at the red light. Unfreaking Believable!! This is the type of driving that takes in Al Baha. This is normal. Oh, what else is normal? It’s normal to see a 12 or 13 year old driving. Yea, 12 or 13 years old. Why? Because there is no man in the house and because women can’t drive. So a child is left to drive the females around. Scary right? I think so. I actually saw a child drive from the university last week. I pray everyday for our safety here. One of the teachers actually got hit by car and died. All she was doing was shopping in town. You would think you would at least feel safe on a bus, but I don’t. A bus cut us off this morning. It was going to the university just like us. Five more months when this break is over. It can’t come soon enough for me.


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