The Past Weekend was Great!

I know! You’re surprised.  I am too! I had a great weekend in Al Baha. Actually I’ve had two great weekends in a row. The first one I spent in Taif, a city two hours away. The girls and I hung out at the Awavali Hotel and shopped at the nearby mall. It was such a great day.
This past Wednesday I went shopping in Al Baha. Yes, I said Al Baha and you know what? I had fun. I really did. I bought a couple of house dresses for my mother; one which I will return today. The one I’m keeping is absolutely beautiful. I’m hoping to get another beautiful dress later this evening. She deserves it. On Thursday I assisted (via Internet) my students with their presentations  and had an interview for Italy.  And on Friday I relaxed. It was the prefect weekend before my break on Wednesday. I fly out late night and arrive early Thursday morning. I’m actually happy right now in Al Baha. Really happy. Go figure. LOL!!


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