Back from Holiday

Yes, I’m back from my holiday in London. I got back last Thursday morning and it was very HOT in Al Baha. It was so hot in Al Baha that I sweated in my Abaia. Hilarious considering that just the two days before I was freezing in London. For the first six days in London it either snowed, rained or was just plain cold. On my last day, the sun finally came out. It was really a nice day. I just wish it wasn’t my last day in London. That day I saw so many attractive men. They were out in droves and here I am heading back to KSA in the evening. Truly unbelievable!

Despite the weather I did enjoy seeing familiar faces. I didn’t see everyone but come August I will. I also made a short trip to Italy to visit the school I interviewed with two weeks ago. I flew EasyJet early in the morning and got back to Gatwick at 7pm. It was expensive but it was definitely worth it. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile if you want something. I did and I think it will pay off in the end.

So, I’m back in Saudi and I’m glad. These next few months I’m gonna work closely with my students to help them improve their listening, writing and speaking skills. Today we worked on listening and writing. I used the movie “Life of Pi” and “Brave.” Then I gave them listening homework. I hope they do it but its up to them. They’re adults so  that’s how I treat them. Anyway, I’ll see on Wednesday.


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