It Has Been A While

It really has been a while. I’ve been so busy with both my classes. Today is the first day in awhile that I’ve actually rested since starting TOEFL. I like being busy because it makes the time go faster. I have just 13 more days until the month is over.

The start of May signifies four more months left. OMG!!! I’m really amazed that I’m pulling this off. I’m not the type to start something and quit. I just don’t believe in quitting unless things are not fulfilled (like a contract).

I’ve gotten a lot from this experience. The TOEFL teaching and the CBE (Business English) are really gonna give more opportunities in teaching. I’m already thinking about where I going to teach next summer (2014). I’m really exciting about moving on to the phase in my teaching journey. With one year’s experience under my belt I know more of what to expect from schools, universities, academies and business. The future looks very bright.


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