Using Games to Teach English Workshop

Well, I did it. I taught my workshop. I was so nervous. I only had a day to prepare. I chose to do games for ESL because it’s something I enjoy doing with my class. I like to make learning fun for them and with their workload they need it.

Anyway, I managed to make the workshop last about 2 hours. All I talked about were the benefits of games, their usages and the types games available for ESL learning. Honestly, I didn’t know I could talk that long. I had demonstrations too. I even had one teacher give her own demonstrations. It was great! Now, would I do it again? Maybe. The topic would have to be something that I believe in. And I would hope I have more time to prepare.

I also got to visit another campus. No water but the classrooms are better. And you have access to printers. Yippee!!  I should be heading back home in a hour. The students are treating me as if I’m rockstar. I should milk a bit but I won’t. It’s just a little too much for me.


2 thoughts on “Using Games to Teach English Workshop

  1. Sacha! Hope you ok it’s amazing I’ve never met you but I’ve followed your blog even before i arrived to teach in al- baha. I am currently a teacher at the uni it’s been 2 weeks for me now.. It would be nice to meet you in person! I also had to conduct a workshop it was nerve racking…
    Kind regards

  2. Sacha you were great.I really enjoyed every second in the workshop even ehen I hop.I hope you eould come again with me and enjoy the nice weather;)

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