The Countdown Begins

Well, it actually began when I first got back to Riyadh but it really starts now (or a few days ago). I have under a month to go. My last work day is the 27th of August. Right now, I’m on paid holiday for 16 or 17 days. It’s Eid Mubarek. The academy is closed and I’m just enjoying my time.

On Friday, I went to another Hash (desert hike) and had a good time. I met an woman from Russia and she shared her experiences about Russia and Saudi with me. It’s was cool. I would definitely love to talk to her again. What I learned about Russia men and vodka will be put to use when I go to St. Petersburg. I’m so looking forward to Russia.

I’m also working out tremendously. I will be leaving here in super, great shape. Fitness Blender is the ‘Absolute Bomb.’ I’m so enjoying it. I bought their 8 week program and I just finished the 1st month. It was tough but I completed it. On Tuesday, I start the 2nd month. I’m already seeing changes in my body. It’s looking very good. In 2 more weeks I’ll take another bikini photo.

Life is good and I’m leaving Saudi. YAY!!!


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