How Many Compounds Can I See?

I hope many. Since I’ve returned to Riyadh, I’ve had the chance to visit three compounds. Yesterday evening, I went to one and had such a nice time. There were people there from England, Ireland, Croatia, Scotland and I think Eastern Europe. They were all so welcoming, and I learnt some more history about Ireland.

Anyway, the compound is enormous. Seriously I think a person could get lost there if they didn’t have a map. The look of the houses made me think of Florida. I actually thought I was home. The compound had tennis courts, basketball courts, a restaurant, little stores, a gym (which was totally freaking nice) and an olympic size pool. I can just imagine the pool parties they have there. My friend’s home wasn’t humongous but it was just perfect for me (a single person). Two bedrooms, nice size kitchen, bathroom with bathtub, living room and garage cover completed the home. Not too shabby I must say.

Will I go back? I hope so. I mean that’s one compound I wouldn’t mind spending a week there.


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