I woke up this morning to find out that tennis player Marion Bartoli has decided to retire from tennis. I am stunned. She just won the Wimbledon Women’s Singles Title. She is the current reigning champion.  I’m sadden. She is such a fighter but the aches, injuries and pain has just taken a toil on her body. She stated that after 45 minutes or an 1 hour of tennis (1st set) her whole body aches with pain. Her Achilles, hip, ankle are just a few of the parts that were giving her pain yesterday.

I woke up this morning sore from my Fitness Blender arm workout yesterday. The soreness will eventually subside. I can’t imagine have continuous pain. These athletes are amazing. Whether they’re professional or semi-professional, “They are AMAZING!!!” To do this day in day out with and without pain is unbelievable. I still managed to work out this morning because I want to stick to the program, but it can’t even compare to what they do. The guts, the aches, the drive, the injuries, the motivation, the pain, the performance – they just keep going and going.

I will miss Marion’s performance. I can remember the 1st time I saw her play. It was the Wimbledon that she defeated Justine Henin on her way to her 1st Wimbledon Final. She lost the final to Venus Williams but she made me smile and hope for better things for her. In the interview after the match, she said she wanted to win so she could go to the Champions Dinner. LOL!! That’s Marion and that’s our new 2013 Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion. May this new door that you open be a great and exciting adventure for you. We won’t forget you.


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