Stephen King’s Silver Bullet

I just finished watching “Silver Bullet.” Why? Well, yesterday I started reading Stephen King’s The Cycle of the Werewolf. I didn’t know that “Silver Bullet” was based on that short (37 pages) story. I actually thought the book was a continuation or just another werewolf book. I finished the story this morning and decided to watch the movie again to see if there are any differences. Well, there are some differences between the movie and short story but the movie basically stayed true to the heart of the story.

This is only the second time I’ve read a Stephen King novel after watching the movie. About two years ago, I read “The Running Man.” It’s also very different from the movie. Actually, the book is so much better then the movie but usually that’s the way it is. I’ve tried reading “Misery” but can never seem to get far into it. I think I will try again this week. Hopefully I finish it this time.


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