Back in America

So I’m back in the USA and have been for over three weeks. I actually feel normal now and it took a while. I just returned from a Royal Caribbean Cruise and I had a really nice time. It was my first cruise and definitely not my last. The food was amazing.  The schedule of activities were long. I attended a Silent Party the very first night and had such a great time. I sunbathe at Cococay and on the deck of Enchantment of the Sea. I shopped in the Bahamas and on the cruise ship. I saw a magic show, a comedy show and a song & dance show. I met so many nice people.

I’ve seen a couple of friends since coming home. I still haven’t seen my nieces and I won’t. I leave this week for Europe.  I spent pretty much my whole holiday in Tampa and I actually had a good time. Go figure. Tampa is the place where I don’t want to live but I ‘m very glad I’m here. Its been peaceful here. The weather has been lovely. Like today, there’s been some rather quick showers. It adds such a freshness to the air. It’s not like this in London. At least I can’t remember it being so. I will miss home.




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