Yeah, I’m In Italy Again.

I’ve been in Italy for about two weeks now and I’m staying just outside of Milan. Why am I here? The magic word is job. I decided to give myself one month to stay in N. Italy and find a teaching job. After the first week I decided to focus just on Milan for jobs. I need to be in a big city. So far, I’ve had one interview and boy was I disappointed. The pay that was being offered was about the same that I received in Sicily. Sicily!!! The South of Italy where the cost of living is very low. Not so in Milan, where  the cost of living is very high.

This Tuesday I have another interview in Milan. I’m hopeful that I’ll get better results. If not, I’m leaving Italy and going to Asia. China is looking very good. Japan and Korea look good too but I have to get a background check done. I was suppose to get the background check taken care of last month but I totally forgot about it. I’m pissed at myself for that. But maybe it’s for the better. I get to go home again and spend more time with the family. My mother will love that. Me, I need to teach. NOW!!!!


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