Living in Milan

So, it has been three weeks since I moved to Milan. I MOVED TO MILAN!!! I can hardly believe it. I mean, one year ago, I was in Saudi Arabia. Okay, actually I was in London on holiday from Saudi Arabia. But it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m in Milan and I’m my own boss. That’s right! I’m a freelance teacher. I have my own clients (well, most of them) and I work the schedule that I want. I don’t have a ton of clients right now but I’m working on it. The point is that I am teaching and am earning a living. 

I’m not completely settled yet but I’m getting there. Last Wednesday, I got stuck in the transportation strike. It took me three hours to get home. Never again we I go out during a strike. The bus that I had to ride was so packed that I thought I was engaged to at least five different men. Seriously, never again. This Thursday, I will do Happy Hour with this Italian group that speaks English. It will be my second time and I am so looking forward to it. Thursdays seem to be the Aperitivo (drink and food) Night, so, I have to schedule lessons accordingly. LOL! Anyway, my Italian is getting better. I just need to not forget things when I’m speaking. It’s like my brain takes a vacation every time I speak Italian outside in public; but I refuse to give up. I’m no quitter. I am WOMAN, hear me roar! Ciao for now.I


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