What Am I Teaching?

Last month, I had an interview with a English language school in Milan. The owner of Caladonian Communication viewed my CV on TEFL.com and called me up. So, I went in. About maybe 15-20 minutes into the interview, I decided that I wasn’t going to work for them. I mean the money wasn’t what I was looking forward. I wanted more, just being honest. But the owner (a British woman) wasn’t deter. She stated her case, told me the pros and cons of company teaching and private teaching and she won me over. I am now employed with Caladonian Communications and I am finally teaching (hear it comes) “Business English!” Yay!!!

So, last month I started teaching a client 1:1 at her company in Milan. The company is very popular. Am sure you all know the company. This month, I’m teaching more Business English classes because I am substituting for another teacher. So, I’m teaching at an insurance company and a book publishing company. Also, in another week, the book publish company becomes my new client.

I’m not done yet. This week, I had an interview for a teaching position with British Institutes. The interview went really well and now I will be working for them starting next month. For two weeks, I will teach four to seven year olds at a summer camp. Yeah, I know. After teaching children in KSA, I said that I would never do it again, but things change. It’s good money and a lot of hours, so I’m game. Also, the scheduler at Cal. Comm. is willing to work with my schedule that week, which I so appreciate. So, hopefully this will increase my working hours because I stop teaching at the state school this month (thank goodness). Though I still have to be paid for my hours.

What else can I add? I’m thinking. I need somewhere to go in August. I’m trying to find a summer camp (not in the UK) for at least two weeks in August. Then, the other weeks, I can travel Europe or go to London and hang out with friends. My good friend died a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t able to go to the funeral. I would like to go and put some flowers on her gravesite. I’m still in somewhat of a shock that she’s no longer here. I know that this is the cycle of life but still it’s hard. I don’t recall the last time I lost someone that was truly close to me.

I will try to be more up to date with this blog. Sometimes, I just let things get in the way and I know that I shouldn’t. Oh, I may have another private client next week. We meet on Monday. I hope the meeting goes well. Ciao!!




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