Last Weekend

The last two and half weeks haven’t been easy but last weekend was great. My friend from London visited me and we had a great time. Also, she kicked my butt into gear; which I really needed. She arrived Thursday morning and we went out every night. I saw more of Milan and found some great places for Aperitivo.  Desio, which is at Piazze della Pace is great. I will definitely go back there. The drinks are big and the men look good. ReFeel, near Pta. Romono, is also very nice. It was my second time there. We went to listen to some Live Jazz and turned out to be Live 80’s Music. The music was good but the singer wasn’t.

On Sunday, we went to Lake Como. It is beautiful. I’ve been to Lake Garda and Lake Maggiorre and in my opinion, Lake Como is the best. The view from all sides is spectacular. Lake Como seems to be the place for posh people. It was great just watching people go by. There were some really nice looking guys too. Mamma Mia!!

All in all, it was a great weekend and I appreciated my friend coming over. I really needed her and she was there for me. That’s what friendship is all about.

2014-05-25 16.23.32

2014-05-25 16.23.27

2014-05-25 16.23.23

2014-05-25 13.50.00

2014-05-25 13.50.01

2014-05-25 13.49.56

2014-05-25 13.49.52

2014-05-25 13.49.48

2014-05-25 13.49.31

2014-05-25 13.49.25

2014-05-25 13.44.57

2014-05-25 13.44.52

2014-05-25 13.44.45

2014-05-25 13.43.24

2014-05-25 13.43.10

2014-05-25 13.41.58

2014-05-25 13.41.31

2014-05-25 13.41.24

2014-05-25 13.41.09



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