All About Meetic

Last week was pretty good in spite of the dating issues. Friday night, I went to a Meetic Aperitivo Meetup by myself. Yes, I went by myself and stayed for an hour. The meet up was okay. Even before I went downstairs (actually I was standing on the stairs), a guy accosted me. I was just trying to send a message to someone and the guy stops and starts talking to me. So, we went downstairs together and basically he didn’t leave my side which is okay. I was there to meet people and I did. There’s another meet up on the 6th this month and I may go. It’s at Piazza Sempione. It should be nice.

On Saturday, I had dinner with a guy that I’ve been speaking to for sometime. He’s a nice guy but there’s no connection for me and I was completely honest with him. This way, no one gets hurt. Many other guys have introduced themselves to me in the last few days. One in particular I find quite interesting yet he doesn’t live in Milan. To enjoy talking with someone who lives hours away from me is so not good. But why not? We can see what happens between us. I’ve got the excitement back. So, the men better watch out.


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