Meetic and InterNations

I decided not to renew my Meetic subscription and tomorrow I suspend my account. Why? Well, July is next month and August is right behind it and I won’t be in Milan. I’m going to London and I won’t be back until September. So, there’s no point in keeping it open. Also, I’m just a bit disappointed that three months have gone by and that there is no one special in my life. I met guy number five and there was a connection but of course, there is always something. So, I’m done for now. Maybe in September, I’ll renew but I really don’t want to. I think enough guys have my number.

Anyway, I have become a member of InterNations. It’s a organization for expatriates or international travelers. I’m subscribed for three months, but I think I will make it longer. I’ve gone to three events and have actually met people that I could hang out with. Last week, I met two Americans and we exchanged information. I know, unbelievable.

I haven’t done much this weekend because of work. I started teaching at a new company near Corso Buena Aires (the shopping area). I have two days that are packed with teaching. And I have some other new clients. So, I’m pretty busy but I need more privates. I’m getting too many cancellations. Not good.

Anyway, life is still good. Next month is my birthday which I am happy about. I just wish that I was spending it with someone special. Oh well. At least I had last year. That’s was great. 


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