August in London

So, I’ve been in London since the 31st of July. It has really been nice seeing familiar faces and going out to favorite spots. The first week I did a lot of shopping. I had to get some contacts and glasses. I received my business cards and my Levi’s shoes. I also bought a new pair of running trainers. I got a sexy, black jacket from Wallis (love that store); and, I bought a creamy, lace dress at Debenhams. Debenhams has just been a ball to shop at. I wish this store was in Milan. All of this was done in the full first week.

The second week was just as fun but the weather started to changed. It’s not like I expected the sun to be blazing. It is England for goodness sake. I just expected the sun to be hot and for otto be warm. It is summer you know.

My third week was spent in Corfu (The Greek Isles) and it was amazing. I’ll write about that on a separate post. This is my last week in London. Am I sad? No! It’s been a nice holiday but I look forward to work and making money. The next four months are very important to my overall financial situation. I have to make some good money. Next week, I teach only one day but I’m preparing myself for the next couple of weeks. I like to be ahead of the game.


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