Sometimes I Really Don’t Like People

I’m sitting here in McD’s (after drinking an awful cappuccino) reading articles on Facebook. I subscribe to various organizations (ex. Doggington Post, National Dog News Examiner, One Green Planet) that supports animals. Most of the articles are about dogs, man’s best friend.

Sometimes, I just don’t understand how human beings can be so cruel. How do you abuse a defenseless little puppy? What the fuck is wrong with you? This (including children) is when I hate people. I thank God for people who are loving and kind to dogs.

This one article about a puppy who wouldn’t hold its head up and just coward in a corner just had me on the edge of tears.  A couple took it in and loved it to life. To take in an abused dog can be tough but it also can be worth while. To see this little fella now is just amazing. Why can’t there be more of those people and a lot less of those other bastards?

Dogs are so loving. And sweet and intelligent. They can truly be your best friend. I just don’t get it.

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