Last Weekend in Dubai

Yep, last weekend, I spent three days in Dubai and I had a nice time. I thought I would do some shopping for my family, but I only managed to shop for myself. I bought some simple but elegant 18kt Rose Gold stud earrings. To me, the Yellow Gold was too bright. I also bought  a very needed pair of sandals. I’ve been teaching in heels for months and my feet need a rest. I had hoped to get to the Gold Souk but no luck there.

Most of my time was spent at the Dubai Mall and the area of Jumeirah. I went to Palm Jumeriah, which is nice. There isn’t a lookout point, so you really can’t get a high view of the landscape unless you take a helicopter. That’s something I will definitely be looking at (in the future) for a special occasion with a special someone.

While being in Dubai, I finally was able to really look at a lot of architecture there. The buildings are absolutely amazing. I was snapping so many photos. Here’s just a bit of what I saw.


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