Exam Week & Much More

This week is all about exams. Finally! The last week of school and my students look very happy about. I think they’re so ready for a long vacation. For me, this week signifies my return to the states. I’m spending Christmas at home with my family and I’m very excited about it. Who knew. When I arrived in September, I thought I would be spending this time in Thailand. I’ve been wanting to go there since forever. I thought going home would be too much of an expense; which it is, but it’s worth it.

This Christmas, I will also be catching up with an old friend from my UNF days. Life is funny sometimes. To have a growing friendship with someone I hadn’t had contact with in  over 21 years. And now, we’re friends. Unbelievable but great! I’m excited to spend some time with him and see if we get along as well in person as we do online.

I’ve never been to North Carolina. To be honest, not counting the airports, I’ve never really traveled to many places in the US. Is that not hilarious? Me, the world traveler, has only traveled to three states in the US. That’s so pitiful for me. So, NC will the fourth US state I’ll have traveled to. Hopefully next summer, I’ll be able to fulfill my dream of traveling to Las Vegas. It’s gotta happen sooner or later. Anyway, US here I come!


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