I’m Still in Doha

I’m in the seventh hour of an eight hour layover in Hamad International (in Doha) and believe me when I say, “I will be happy when I fly out of here.” OMG! I’ve had about two hours of sleep. I woke up with lines on my face from my sweater (jumper for you Brits). I really can’t say that the time passed quickly. I don’t know how I’ve gotten through it. Seriously, I just want to sleep on plane.

Right now, I’m about to have breakfast. I’m not waiting for the flight. If I did, I probably wouldn’t eat anything till almost 10am. My stomach would be making so much noise. Anyway, my flight to Atlanta is 15 hours. OMG again! But by 3:30 or 3:50, I will arrive. While I’ve been here, I did visit the Michael Kors and Coach shops. I was curious about the difference in prices between US and Qatar. Qatar is so much more expensive. I think because they’re imports.

Even though I didn’t walk around much because I was tired, I did notice how beautiful Hamad International is. The airport has all these gigantic sculpture pieces on display for children to interact with. Children are climbing them, jumping off them and going through them. It’s pretty cool. Though my layover would have been cooler had they let me into the executive lounge. I was really disappointed that my MC wasn’t accepted. Then when I tried to buy my way in with a day pass, the lounge was too crowded. Damn travelers. LOL! I just couldn’t win. By later today, I will have ordered my executive lounge card. I’m not going through this again.


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