New Years Resolutions

In the next four weeks, I will have completed or accomplished two goals (out of many) this year. The first one, traveling to Asia, will be realized next week when I take my first trip to Thailand. I’ve already spoken about how excited I am to go there. I feel and hope this will be the first of many trips to Asia. My niece wants to go to Korea so badly that I think I will be going along with her to keep her out trouble.

Anyway, the other goal on my New Years Resolution list is learning how to swim. What?! Okay, hear me out. I took swimming lessons when I was a child but I missed one lesson and it totally affected my swimming. So now, I’m taking Adult Swimming Lessons and I’m so excited. After I return from Thailand, I will start private lessons. My aim is take two lessons a week and finish in April. And then, I can use May and June to practice my technique. Where I live, I have many pools and a beach. So, I am ready to take advantage of it. I already have my bathing suit, my goggles and my swimming cap. Yes, I am wearing a swimming cap. The only thing is is that I have to take out my Goddess Locs. I made an attempt last night to put on the cap with my locs and it just didn’t work. Oh well! Swimming lessons, hear I come! And you never know. Diving lessons could be next. It’s a thought!


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