Hua Hin to Bangkok

Today is my last morning in Hua Hin. I return to Bangkok this afternoon. I really enjoyed myself here. It’s not as congested as Bangkok but it’s nice. And Hua Hin Beach is beautiful. They have more beaches here but that’s the one that I went to.

The one bad thing I have to say about Thailand is that there are roaches. I mean big Ass roaches (not palmetto bugs). Here in Hua Hin, you have to stop on the sidewalk, so they can cross in front of you. I’m from Florida, so, I should be use to this but I’m not. Since living abroad, I don’t have to deal with that. In London, they were small and few, but here in Thailand where the weather is humid, warm and hot, they thrive. I saw one my first night in Bangkok and a 🔔 went off in my head. With hot, humid weather comes roaches. Luckily, I only saw them on the streets.


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