I Can Swim! I Can Swim! I Can Swim! 

OMG guys! I can freaking swim. Today, I had my first lesson and it was Amazing! I glided through the water like a fish. My breathing was good when I was gliding. I could glide across the pool with my face under the water. 

When I was just practicing blowing bubbles from my nose and mouth, I was like a puffer fish. I couldn’t keep my body down which is funny because when I attempted floating on back, I couldn’t keep my body buoyant. On my back, my body wants to sink. Bending or kneeling down under water, my body wants to float. I never had these problems when I was a kid in my swimming lesson. 

Anyway, I swam freestyle. I was so shocked. Swimming is not easy. I had to fight to keep my legs from frailing. Then I had to fix my kicks. My flutter was totally off. Lol! I even did the breathing from side to side which is what I’ve been wanting to do. I did it all. 

My teacher actually wanted me to swim the full length of the pool because my gliding technique was long. It so funny because the first couple of times (9 or 10) it was short. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m learning to swim and I couldn’t be more tickled. 


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