About Me

Now, I’m in Ras Al Khaimah, a city outside of Dubai, UAE. I’m an English Teacher teaching in the desert. Seriously! I’m in the desert with camels, cows and goats and they’re just adorable. I even have a video of a camel drive. Totally amazing!

From 2012: Life has really changed for me since 2008. I’m now an ESOL Instructor and I teach English all over the world.  Well, really two places so far. I taught this summer just outside of London and now I’m teaching in Saudi Arabia for the next 12 months. Yea really what was I thinking? Saudi is totally dry if you get my meaning but I have a plan. Work, work, work and then play outside of Saudi. January can’t get here so enough for me. Oh well, hopefully I will be teaching in Italy soon. That is my hope and dream right now but it could change. Japan sounds nice too. The world is my oyster.

From 2008: I’m a single artist who moved to London in ’08 and am just now starting to get myself settled. I have a decent job and I’m finally in my flat and I actually have a man in my life. Could things be any better? Of course they could. So I’m not giving up. I want to do my art full-time and I want to continue to travel the world. There is so much to see and I’m gonna see it all. I’ll start with England, the land of my birth. That’s right, I’m not a foreigner, I’m a native. I was just raised in the US, but I’m back in the UK to stay.


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