Thai Food is GREAT!

It’s been a week since I returned from Thailand and I must say, I miss all the great food. I had such a great time trying different things. I heard that street food was great and I must say, it was. The best food I had was on the streets and not in a fancy restaurant. I ate a lot of curry while I was there which is so funny since the weather was warm. Thai Green Curry is so good. So good that I will say that I like Thailand’s Chicken Curry better than Jamaica’s Chicken Curry and India’s Chicken Curry. It’s just my opinion. Anyway, here’s just a bit of what I indulged in.


I Can Swim! I Can Swim! I Can Swim! 

OMG guys! I can freaking swim. Today, I had my first lesson and it was Amazing! I glided through the water like a fish. My breathing was good when I was gliding. I could glide across the pool with my face under the water. 

When I was just practicing blowing bubbles from my nose and mouth, I was like a puffer fish. I couldn’t keep my body down which is funny because when I attempted floating on back, I couldn’t keep my body buoyant. On my back, my body wants to sink. Bending or kneeling down under water, my body wants to float. I never had these problems when I was a kid in my swimming lesson. 

Anyway, I swam freestyle. I was so shocked. Swimming is not easy. I had to fight to keep my legs from frailing. Then I had to fix my kicks. My flutter was totally off. Lol! I even did the breathing from side to side which is what I’ve been wanting to do. I did it all. 

My teacher actually wanted me to swim the full length of the pool because my gliding technique was long. It so funny because the first couple of times (9 or 10) it was short. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m learning to swim and I couldn’t be more tickled. 

Leaving Thailand


Well, I made it safely back to the airport via the BTS (Bangkok Train System). It was so easy to do. I’m sitting in another airport lounge reflecting on my Thailand experience. I always thought or knew I would get here. What I didn’t know is that it would be a solo journey. I always thought I would share it with someone, be it a friend or more. But as I sit back and think about each and every day I spent here, I have to say that I was really happy being with (not by) myself.

I got to see a lot of the Thai culture. From Thais selling everything from food to massage to clothes. I was in the Red Light District and didn’t even realize it, though I should have. Thank God I didn’t see grown men with children. I would have freaked out.

Everywhere you go, you see memorials in honor of their king who died in 2015. I have never been around or seen so much displays of love for a royal before. The Thai people loved their king. Everyday, they visit his body and pay tribute to him at the Grand Palace. When I saw the long line/queue of people in black, I knew it had to do with a death. I thought it was a special day or something but my guide told me that this is an everyday thing while the country is in mourning.

This has been such an amazing experience for me and I honestly believe that this trip turned out the way it was supposed to be. Solo! Just for me, myself and I.

Hua Hin to Bangkok

Today is my last morning in Hua Hin. I return to Bangkok this afternoon. I really enjoyed myself here. It’s not as congested as Bangkok but it’s nice. And Hua Hin Beach is beautiful. They have more beaches here but that’s the one that I went to.

The one bad thing I have to say about Thailand is that there are roaches. I mean big Ass roaches (not palmetto bugs). Here in Hua Hin, you have to stop on the sidewalk, so they can cross in front of you. I’m from Florida, so, I should be use to this but I’m not. Since living abroad, I don’t have to deal with that. In London, they were small and few, but here in Thailand where the weather is humid, warm and hot, they thrive. I saw one my first night in Bangkok and a 🔔 went off in my head. With hot, humid weather comes roaches. Luckily, I only saw them on the streets.

Hua Hin

  • Well, I made to Hua Hin safely. I’m now on the beach relaxing and enjoying the afternoon sun. The beach is lovely and the breeze is strong. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. I plan on reading til I fall asleep. I’m so happy to be here.

Update: The blankets

I removed the packaging from the blanket and what do I see? Dirt! Dirt on the ends. I’ve just been given a repackaged used and unclean blanket. Damn! I’m not OCD but I just can’t deal with other’s dirt. I was already on the lookout for reused water bottles, which I did see yesterday. Thanks Niki for alerting me to that. Don’t buy any water unless it’s sealed. I just want to relax. Germs, germs go away.