I Took a Bath Tonight!

I’m at the Asiana Hotel and it’s beautiful. For a Superior Twin, my bathroom is a dream. Okay, the bedroom is nice too but I’m all about a great bathroom. Oh my gosh! The bathtub is a freaking dream. It’s such a nice size. I could have fallen asleep while I was taking a bath. That’s how good it was. My legs were totally stretched out.

P.S. I’m not crazy. I just don’t have a bathtub in my apartment.


Spring Break is here!

Yes, Spring Break is here in the UAE and I am very excited. Why? Well, my good friend Niki is visiting me from Australia. She’s flying into Dubai tomorrow morning and we will chill in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the next week. In about two hours, I will drive to Dubai to check into our 5 Star (I’m so bougie) hotel, the Asiana Hotel.  This will actually be my first time staying over night in Dubai, I haven’t been to Abu Dhabi since I arrived. I’m so looking forward to this. We’re going to have a great time because this time, my tour guide skills will be on point.

P.S. Photos to follow.

Dec 2 – 2nd Open Water Dive

So, tomorrow I complete my second open water dive and become a Certified Open Water Diver. YAY! My first open water dive was exciting, amazing and a bit frustrating. Why frustrating? Well, there was so much continual pressure in my ears that it was so uncomfortable. I actually thought about just stopping after trying twice to descend but I managed to equalize. Then, saltwater kept getting in my mask. I don’t know about you, but saltwater stings my eyes. Tomorrow, I will overcome because I’m so excited about getting another opportunity to dive. Here are some photos from my first dive. Enjoy!

Masters of Education

So, I have finally applied for my Masters. Exciting!!! I’ve decided not to do it in TESOL, because I don’t think that it would benefit me much in the USA. That’s right! At some point soon, I’m going to return home, preferably after obtaining a M.Ed in Instructional Design and Technology. It’s a well paid field that will be beneficial to my teaching experience. I look so forward to starting classes in January. American College of Education, here I come.

Brunch Day

Today, I’ve organized an afternoon brunch for group of 27 at the Doubletree Hotel on Al Marjah Island. Why have I done this? Well, frankly speaking, because people are freaking stressed and we need a break from work. So, we have three hours to partake in an Islanders Brunch with all the seafood (lobster, oysters, etc.) you can eat and all the drinks you can consume. And no one is suppose to talk or complain about their job. Hopefully, this will be a success because I have an idea about renting a luxury yacht for a few hours. Just something to do to relax and enjoy life in the mist of a sometimes chaotic work life.

Scuba Diving Tomorrow

So tomorrow morning, I do my 1st confined water dive in my attempt to get certified as an open water diver. Exciting!! 

For the last two weeks, I’ve  been studying my open water scuba diving book. It’s teaching me so much and I’m just so excited. I look forward to tomorrow.